Sports Massage Chelmsford

Sports Massage Chelmsford

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A Sound Investment In
Your Overall Health

Qualified in sports massage therapy and trained with various experts in the field of deep tissue and remedial massage, I have worked with both recreational sports people and athletes, including the Australian woman's cricket team.

I passionately believe that deep tissue massage helps alleviate soft tissue aches and pains, identifying imbalances that may put pressure on your joints.

Individualised to your unique musculoskeletal needs, this therapy is highly beneficial both on its own and as a complementary role to other therapies.

As well as aiding healing, easing pain and increasing mobility to injured and overused soft tissue, regular massage also helps prevent further injury, lower stress levels, enhance energy, improve posture, promote sound sleep and generally improve well being.

Nutritional Advice

Optimum nutrition affects both our physical and mental ability and health. Hence I have studied clinical nutrition to a diploma level 4. In spite of following a reasonably healthy diet, there may be small changes that we can make to achieve better nutrition without sacrificing our enjoyment of food.

If you would like an overview of your existing diet and suggestions as to how you might improve it, I would be happy to help.


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